Chicago by Night

Chapter 1 - 12/27/11

This was the first session of our illustrious campaign.

Setting: New Trier High School, Bill’s Hunter Haven
- Jonathon Thorne (Struzzi)
- Dean Winchester (Megabyte)
- Desmond Flynn (Vinny)
- Alyssa Crocker (Rebecca)
- Derek Carlson (Trav)

During the first session, no one knew what their powers were. The players came back for the homecoming football game, some from high school, some to support their current football team. During the game, some other cheerleaders hit on Jonathon, making Alyssa very upset. This flirting did not stop, which triggered Alyssa’s First Change. While she attempted to attack the girl doing most of the flirting, Jonathon revealed his massive strength from an unknown source and wrestled the werewolf to the ground. Desmond attempted to flee with the girl who was the target of Alyssa’s monstrous rage. While also fleeing, Dean slipped beneath the bleachers where he Awoke to his mage powers. He then ran to try to escape the “bad high” that he was having where he ran into a confused Derek. This was odd, as Derek was still sitting on the bleachers, except that this Derek that Dean ran into acted like he had been gone for 5 years. Both Dean and Derek started running when they ran into Mr. Buxley, Dean’s old gym teacher. Mr. Buxley saw everything, and wanted to bring the boys back to the fight with him.

Meanwhile, Jonathon was wrestling the werewolf and winning, keeping it pinned. He could not stop the wolf from tearing three people to shreds while she was being held down, however. Desmond had run far enough away as to watch the whole situation.

This was when a kid from school, Eric Peterson, walked out onto the football field among the fleeing mortals with his arms outstretched. The earth began to crack and split, with the ground shaking terribly. Out of the crack in the earth climbed a beautiful, purple-scaled woman, easily 50 ft tall, with oil-black hair. This thing caused everyone in the vicinity to start coveting their neighbors’ goods, attempting to con, steal, and cheat, most often violently, these things from others. Eric walked towards the giant woman, crying, “Yes, yes please come save me!” at which point the thing slowly melted into a purple vortex and dive into Eric’s mouth. Eric disappeared shortly after.

Mr. Buxley, or Bill for short, threw a soda can looking thing at Alyssa as a werewolf (because Jonathon let her go in all the confusion) and she changed back to human form. They all loaded her into Bill’s pickup and ran to his compound. Once there, they met Fiero, a Tremere vampire who was on the run from the Prince and his forces. Bill suggested they stay the night and meet some friends of his to learn more about themselves.

The next day, Derek, discovering he was kidnapped by Fae, met Carl Sanders, another Changeling. Desmond was introduced to Arthur Wadesworth, an apathetic Sin-Eater bent on partying through life. Alyssa put a call in to her Aunt Sophie, who made Alyssa aware of the fact that she, along with a majority of other women in her family, are werewolves of the Black Furies tribe. Later in the day, they all took a ride out to Dr. Rowan’s place so that Jonathon could ask why the doctor did this to him. Dean was not around to meet Phyrexia but he was made aware of her presence.


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