black furies

Black Furies are a tribe exclusively of women. Garou born into Fury familes that happen to be male are either given away (as in adoption, where applicable), ceremonious “traded” between other tribes, or, in more brutal cultures, ceremonially sacrificed. Regardless of how, the Black Fury tribe names only women to its ranks. Rumor has it that the only exception to this rule is Metis male Garou; few have heard mention that male Metis werewolves are allowed to live in and among the tribe, serving the proper Garou when they can.

Tribal Weakness

Because of their fierce teachings, all Black Furies instinctively become indignant towards men (but don’t ever call them on it!). All Black Furies suffer a -1 die penalty when dealing with men when under extreme stress. A successful Willpower roll can negate this, but only for a while, never longer than a scene.

The Black Furies have access to the Insight Gift line in the Werewolf the Forsaken book, as well as this Black Fury Gift presented here.

The Black Furies tribe gets one dot in the Glory renown at Character creation.

New Gift

Black Fury Gifts. These Gifts are all taught either by Pegasus or a servant of Pegasus, the Black Furies tribal totem.

Breath of the Wyld (One Dot) – The way the Black Furies see it, humans (and most other Garou) have forgotten that the energy of Creation is nourishing, refreshing, and ever-present. With a touch, a Black Fury can instill this energy into a person.
Cost – 1 Willpower
Dice Pool – Essence + Empathy + Purity
Action – Instant, the Black Fury must touch their target.
Dramatic Failure – The Blac Fury instead instills the dread of Apocalypse within her target. The intended target suffers a -1 die penalty to all rolls for the remainder of the scene.
Failure – The Black Fury cannot harness the energy of Creation to give it to a target.
Success – The Black Fury channels life energy into her target. This target gains a bonus die to any Mental rolls for the remainder of the scene. If the Black Fury garnered three successes, the bonus applies to Social rolls as well, as more energy fills the target.
Exceptional Success – The Black Fury is capable of channeling a greater amount of energy. The bonus die now applies to any roll the target makes for the next scene.

Curse of Aeolus (Two Dots) – The Black Fury calls on the aid of Aeolus, the spirit of Fog, to summon a thick, eerie fog in the area.
Cost – 1 Essence
Dice Pool – Wits + Essence + Cunning
Action – Extended
Dramatic Failure – The Black Fury angers Aeolus and loses one die from all Perception-based rolls for the remainder of the scene
Failure – The Black Fury does not further the connection with Aeolus.
Success – Each success garners a connection with Aeolus and an establishment of the fog. Six successes are required to establish the fog. When it hits, the immediate area (at the discretion of the Storyteller) is covered in a fog that halves all Perception rolls for any non-ally of the Black Fury, and subtracts one die from any Willpower rolls the same targets must make while in the fog. The Black Fury and her pack-mates are unaffected.
Exceptional Success – The Black Fury’s eyes glow with a supernatural light and the fog lowers instantly rather than after 6 successes.

Visceral Agony (Three Dots) – The Black Furies have a knack for pain, and this Gift shows it. The Black Fury’s change to barbed talons that drip a wicked black venom.
Cost – 1 Willpower & 1 Essence
Dice Pool – None
Action – Instant
Effect – The black venom does not inflict any more damage; however, all wound penalties associated with the attack made are doubled. Even creatures immune or somehow resistant to pain still suffer wound penalties associated with this attack. In addition, the turn after the attack was inflicted, the creature must either spend a point of Willpower or roll Willpower and succeed; if they do not they are incapable of taking any actions as the pain wracks through them.

Wasp Talons (Four Dots) – The Black Fury learns the secrets of the Wasp spirits and gains a bit of their power.
Cost – 1 Essence
Dice Pool – None
Action – Instant
Effect – The Black Fury rolls Dexterity + Brawl as if to hit with a firearm. The claws of the Black Fury fire off of her hands and towards the target. Medium range for this attack is 20 yards. The Black Fury must take one full turn concentrating in order for her claws to regenerate after using this Gift. The damage is rolled as if she had melee attacked her target.

Wyld Warp (Five Dots) – The Black Fury makes a desperate move by summoning a random assortment of Wyld spirits. The effect is varied; the Wyld spirits are chaotic and may heal the Black Fury and her allies, tear her enemies to shreds, enhance her pack or demoralize her foes.
Cost – 2 Essence
Dice Pool – Wits + Occult + Glory
Action – Instant
Dramatic Failure – The Spirits wrack the Black Fury with pain and agony. For a number of turns (a d10 roll) the Black Fury is wracked with pain and can take no actions.
Failure – The Spirits do not answer the Fury’s call
Success – The Gift summons a varied number of Wyldlings, the actions of which are determined by the Storyteller. This Gift will not harm the Black Fury after success is achieved, only aid her somehow.
Exceptional Success – While most of the Wyldlings are still uncontrollable, some come to the Fury and ask what must be done, giving the Black Fury a chance to guide this Gift somehow.

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black furies

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