bone gnawers

Bone Gnawers are considered the dregs of Garou society, disrespected by any other well-to-do pack or Tribe as a whole because of their fondness of the gutters and back alleys of cities. However, the truth is that Bone Gnawers have sought to always be where they are needed most, and this covert nature has led them to more than a few spiritual discoveries. Also, there is almost always a Bone Gnawer around when you need one, if you know where to look…

Tribal Weakness

Other tribes just know the Gnawers from their look, their smell, or their connection to Rat. Bone Gnawers are at a -1 die penalty for dealing with any other tribe than their own due to this underlying disrespect.

New Gifts

The Bone Gnawers have access to the Evasion Gift line as in the Werewolf: the Forsaken book, as well as the Bone Gnawers Gift presented here.

Bone Gnawers get one dot in the Cunning Renown at character creation.

New Gift: Bone Gnawers Gift. All these Gifts are taught by Rat or an agent of Rat, the Bone Gnawers totem.

Resist Toxin (One Dot) – Bone Gnawers tread where others will not, and thus have learned to counter many poisons
Cost – None
Dice Pool – Stamina + Survival + Purity
Action – Instant
Effect – The Bone Gnawer becomes immune to most conventional poisons for one scene, and adds three dice to the Gnawer’s pool for purposes of resisting supernatural poisons.

Blissful Ignorance (Two Dots) – The Bone Gnawer calls on their spiritual aid and can cloak themselves from all sight.
Cost – None
Dice Pool – Dexterity + Stealth + Cunning
Action – Instant
Dramatic Failure – The Bone Gnawer starts to give off a slight odor, not offensive but definitely recognizable. Any Perception rolls to sense the Bone Gnawer coming for the duration of the scene gain two dice.
Failure – The Bone Gnawer is not able to cloak themselves in spirits.
Success – The Bone Gnawer calls on the spirits for aid and their call is answered. Each success subtracts a die from the Perception rolls to actively look for the character; if no one is actively looking then just one success indicates total concealment. This effect even works on spirits and technological monitoring devices in the area. This effect lasts for one scene.
Exceptional Success – The Bone Gnawer is rendered invisible to all senses.

Friend in Need (Three Dots) – The Bone Gnawer’s loyalty in their packmates is unshakable. This Gift allows the Gnawer to literally give anything, their life, their power, anything to their friends when they are in need. Before the roll is made, the Bone Gnawer must decide what is given up. The choices are any amount of Willpower, Essence, or Health levels, as well as any Gift that the Bone Gnawer knows. It cannot be a Gift higher than the recipient can know (Storyteller decides in the case of other Supernatural creatures), nor can it be Attributes or Skills.
Cost – 1 Willpower
Dice Pool – Willpower + Primal Urge + Honor
Action – Instant
Dramatic Failure – The Bone Gnawer looses the Traits in question permanently.
Failure – The Bone Gnawer cannot establish a connection with their packmate.
Success – The Bone Gnawer grants the chosen Traits to their pack mate. The Bone Gnawer loses access to these things until they are given back or until the target uses them. If the pack mate dies before the Traits are used, the Bone Gnawer loses them permanently.
Exceptional Success – The Bone Gnawer grants the Traits to their pack mate and does NOT lose access to them, and there is no risk of permanent loss if the pack mate dies.

Attunement (Four Dots) – The Bone Gnawer can speak to the spirits that dwell within cities or towns and gain information about the area from them, including rough population, enclaves of Garou, or other beings of supernatural origin or even secret tunnels. This Gift normally does not function in the wilderness, as Rat has attuned his followers to the cities and sewers.
Cost – 1 Essence
Dice Pool – Perception + Streetwise + Wisdom
Action – Instant
Dramatic Failure – The spirits lie to the Bone Gnawer about the area.
Failure – No spirits answer the call of the Bone Gnawer
Success – The spirits answer the call of the Bone Gnawer. A dialogue may be established, and the number of successes rolled increases the amount and accuracy of the information given.
Exceptional Success – This power will work even in the wilderness, or will give information about another area that the Bone Gnawer is not currently in.

Survivor (Five Dots) – The Bone Gnawer, through this Gift, is capable of surviving anywhere and through any thing.
Cost – 1 Essence (or two Essence)
Dice Pool – Stamina + Survival + Cunning
Action – Instant
Dramatic Failure – The Bone Gnawer is stricken with a random, mundane disease and with a terrible hunger.
Failure – The Bone Gnawer cannot connect with the spirits of Survival. They may not attempt to use this power again during this chapter (game session)
Success – Each success rolled provides the Bone Gnawer a day where they do not have to eat, sleep, drink water, or suffer from elemental extremes or from the effects of all poisons or diseases. Additionally, if the player spends an additional Essence point, they can gain three bonus dots of Stamina (which effect health levels) and suffers no ill effects from wound penalties, but the Gift will end after 10 combat rounds. Regardless of how it is used, the Bone Gnawer must sleep for eight full hours after the Gift expires, and wakes up ravishingly hungry.
Exceptional Success – The Bone Gnawer does not require the sleep at the end of the Gift, no matter how it is used.

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bone gnawers

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