glass walkers

Glass Walkers are not as prominent in Chicago as one might think. In other cities or metropolitan areas they might hold a greater sway, but the thin Gauntlet in Douglas Park and the growing packs that roam there make sure to keep the children of Cockroach in check. The Glass Walker’s Elder is a young man named Jonathan Esposito, or more commonly known as “Iron Skies” among Garou.

Glass Walkers have access to the Technology Gift line in the Werewolf: the Forsaken book, as well as the Gift line presented here

Glass Walkers gain one dot in the Wisdom Renown at character creation.

New Gift: Glass Walker tribal Gift. An avatar or emissary of Cockroach teaches these Gifts.

Control Simple Machine (One Dot) – The Glass Walkers are masters of Technology, but moreso than other Garou who study the Gift of Technology. This is because of their connection with Weaver spirits, which is the basis for most other Tribe’s animosity towards them. This Gift is the start of that technological mastery.
Cost – 1 Willpower
Dice Pool – Manipulation + Crafts + Wisdom
Action – Instant
Dramatic Failure – The Glass Walker suffers one level of bashing damage from the spiritual “feedback”
Failure – The Glass Walker cannot connect with the machine spirits within the device
Success – A Glass Walker can, with only one success, cause simple machines to activate. Simple machines count as all the actual simple machines (wedges, pulleys, et cetera), or can flip levers and turn deadbolts (but not pick locks, as they are more complex). Once the action is complete, the Glass Walker gives up control of the spirit.
Exceptional Success – Same as success, except the control lasts for one full scene, not just one turn.
NOTE – This Gift can also be used to examine and determine the exact damage of non-electronically power devices. The same roll is made, but instead of commanding the spirit inside to do something, the character commands the spirit to tell it what is wrong. Doing so does not expend a Willpower point, and the successes rolled subtract from the number of successes required to repair said object.

Cybersenses (Two Dots) – By studying both natural senses and the capability of machines, the Glass Walker is capable of exchanging the former for the latter.
Cost – 1 Essence (per sense changed)
Dice Pool – Wits + Computers + Cunning
Action – Instant
Dramatic Failure – The Garou temporarily loses the senses he desired to enhance. For the remainder of the scene the character automatically fails all perception-based checks for the senses he wished to alter.
Failure – The Glass Walker cannot change his senses.
Success – With even one success, the Glass Walker can alter one (or more) of his senses to a different sensory range. Hearing can become radar, sight can be altered to a different spectrum (UV, infrared), or any other aspect the player wishes (Storyteller’s discretion for the final call on what can and cannot be changed). Note that the character loses the regular ability of his sense for the duration of the Gift. This Gift lasts for the remainder of the scene.
Exceptional Success – The Glass Walker need only spend one point of Essence for this Gift, as the spirits are pleased and answer the call easier.

Control Complex Machines (Three Dots) – The Glass Walker’s study of the Weaver increases, and her control extends to more complex machines.
Cost – 1 Willpower
Dice Pool – Manipulation + Computers + Wisdom
Action – Instant
Dramatic Failure – The Glass Walker suffers two levels of bashing damage from the spiritual feedback
Failure – The spirits do not listen to the Glass Walker
Success – A Glass Walker can, with only one success, cause complex or electronic machines to bend to her will. The level of control is interpreted by the Storyteller. One success may allow the character free access to that system’s information or allow the character to guide the movements of a car, while three or four successes may allow the character to alter the system’s commands or to add bonuses to the Drive roll of the car, as the character is aiding the system with being there. This effect lasts for one scene.
Exceptional Success – The effect is complete and total. The Glass Walker has complete control over the machine, no matter what it is.

Doppleganger (Four Dots) – This Gift allows a Glass Walker to blend in when in a city, in and among Weaver spirits, although it will still function in the wilderness (its just harder to accomplish)
Cost – 2 Essence
Dice Pool – Composure + Empathy + Cunning
Action – Instant
Dramatic Failure – The spirits make the character more noticeable, imposing a +1 dice bonus for perception based checks to locate the character for the remainder of the scene, and the Glass Walker cannot attempt to use this power again for 24 hours.
Failure – The spirits do not answer the call
Success – The Glass Walker can assume the form of any other human. Traits are not duplicated, but voice, posture, even scent can be mimicked using this power. The effect lasts for 1 hour per success, and every success subtracts from any roll used to see through this power.
Exceptional Success – The effect lasts for a number of days, not hours, equal to successes rolled, although the Garou can deactivate the power at will.
Suggested Modifiers – +1 if within a city, -2 if in the Wilderness.

Summon Net Spider (Five Dots) – This Gift allows a Glass Walker to summon a Net-Spider, a Weaver spirit that gives the controller near-absolute control over any computer system.
Cost – 2 Essence, 1 Willpower
Dice Pool – Manipulation + Computers + Glory
Action – Extended (5 success are needed, one turn passes per roll)
Dramatic Failure – The successes garnered are lost, and the Essence is still spent, but the Willpower is not
Failure – No successes are garnered this turn
Success – When 5 successes are reached, the Net-Spider appears. The exact effects of the Net-Spider are up to the Storyteller, but Net-Spiders tend towards the destructive nature of things. They can, however, completely hack any software in existance with little effort, or can aid the Garou in doing that. The Spider will remain until its task is done or one hour has gone by, whichever comes first.
Exceptional Success – The Net-Spider instantly appears, and it is bolstered by the Garou, receiving a +1 to all its rolls it is made while it is here. It also stays for 24 hours, jumping in and out of devices as the Garou sees fit.

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glass walkers

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