Great Courts

The Great Courts

The Great Seasonal Courts of Chicago keep to the same format and traditions as far as positions and transitions go. Here is an example.

The following positions are held on a seasonal basis

King/Queen: This is the seasonal ruler of the Freehold for their respective court. Each court has a specific way they choose their ruler, but all choose their King/Queen at least two months before the transition to their season, during which time they are referred to as a Prince/Princess. During their reign, all decisions usually pass through the King/Queen, and it is an honor to serve the Freehold during their rule. Once the King/Queen steps down they earn the honorary title of Count/Countess for a year until a new King takes the throne, and then the title of Duke/Duchess after that year.

Count/Countess: A King/Queen who steps down after their seasonal reign earns the title of Count for the rest of the year until the new seasonal King takes over. They act as the head of the Court, a leader for the people until the new King can take over. A Count/Countess steps down to the position of Duke/Duchess.

Duke/Duchess: A Duke/Duchess is a former King/Queen of their court who has stepped down. A Duke is free to attempt to become King again if he wishes. All the Dukes/Duchesses in the Freehold form the Ducal Council, an advisory board to the King/Queen. Each King/Queen meets with the Ducal Council shortly after taking the throne, keeping each other up to date on the goings-on within the Freehold.

Lord Chancellor: Each King/Queen selects an adviser for their reign. The Lord Chancellor assists in courtly activities and oversees all royal mandates. Highly respected and excellent Lord Chancellors are often recalled for their service to the throne.

Lord Marshall: A King/Queen selects one Knight from the Order of Chivalry to be their protector and enforcer during their reign. The Lord Marshall protects the King/Queen during their time and also helps enforce royal decrees. The Lord Marshall also advises the King/Queen on squires who are ready for knighthood

The following positions are held either as permanent (until the need arises to remove them) or yearly positions

Baron/Baroness: With the Freehold of Chicago, each Court maintains an area of town that is dedicated to their season. Be it an apartment building or a span of a few blocks, this area is where the Court conducts business the other three seasons of the year. The Baron/Baroness is, firstly, responsible for the upkeep of this haven. Secondly, the Baron is the liaison between the Lost of the freehold and their respective royalty. This position is appointed by the King/Queen at the time they take the throne of the freehold and held for a year. The Ducal Council can remove a Baron from power and replace him if need be.

Knight/Dame: A Knight/Dame is a dedicated protector of the Freehold but is appointed and recognized by each Court. A Knight may be of the Summer court, but he also swears his Oath to the Freehold at large and to the Crown. The Knights of Chicago form the Order of the Chivalry to assist in the marshal decisions the King/Queen must make and to raise up young squires to knighthood. A Knight/Dame is appointed by the King/Queen and is held for life (or until they wish to leave service, in which case they become an Earl)

Squire: A Knight in training. The Order of the Chivalry has their mandates for how a squire is to become a Knight. A changeling is a squire until they become a Knight.

Lord/Lady: A Lord/Lady is a recognized member of the Freehold for their outstanding service to the Freehold. This position is held for life, as it is little more than honorary.

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Great Courts

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