shadow lords

Shadow Lords have access to the Weather Gift line in the Werewolf: the Forsaken book as well as the new Gift represented here.

Shadow Lords gain one in the Cunning Renown at character creation.

New Gift: Shadow Lord tribal Gift. An emissary of Grandfather Thunder teaches these Gifts. It is rare for Grandfather to teach Gifts himself.

Seizing the Edge (One Dot) – No Shadow Lord sees a tie as anything but failure, and this Gift allows them to live that lifestyle.
Cost – 1 Essence
Dice Pool – Wits + Subterfuge + Cunning
Action – Instant
Effect – If the roll is successful, for the remainder of the scene all ties that the Shadow Lord player rolls (in a contested roll, let’s say) go in favor of the Shadow Lord instead of being redone.

Clap of Thunder (Two Dots) – When in Human, Crinos, or Glabro form, the Shadow Lord may clap their hands together, powered by Essence, and stun those around them.
Cost – 1 Essence
Dice Pool – Strength + Expression + Glory
Action – Instant
Dramatic Failure – The effects last for one full scene on any who hear the clap, including the Shadow Lord himself.
Failure – The clap’s power is not augmented by Essence, and no additional effects occur.
Success – All characters within 10 feet, friend or foe (because a Shadow Lord has no true friends) are stunned and are unable to act for one turn.
Exceptional Success – The power does not affect those in the Shadow Lord’s pack.\

Dread Gaze – The Shadow Lords are masters of domination, and this power is proof of it.
Cost – 1 Essence, 1 Willpower
Dice Pool – Wits + Intimidation + Purity
Action – Extended (one roll equals one turn)
Dramatic Failure – Successes garnered are lost, and the Essence is still spent (Willpower is not)
Failure – No successes are garnered this turn
Success – When the Shadow Lord rolls enough successes to equal the target’s Willpower this power makes the target unable to move, frozen in place at the sight of the Shadow Lord. This effect last for one turn. Additional successes rolled in excess of the target’s Willpower add to the duration (Note: The player may not continue to roll after they have rolled the requisite number of successes. For example: The Shadow Lord player is looking for 6 successes. He rolls once, gaining 4. Next turn, he rolls again, and gains 3 successes. He has met his target’s Willpower of 6, and with his final roll gained an extra success [total of 7], thus extending the duration by one turn. He cannot roll again to keep the power going)
Exceptional Success – The target’s Willpower is instantly overcome, and the target gains a permanent -1 to all Social rolls made with the Shadow Lord. This can be overcome with 8 experience points (like buying a lost point of Willpower)

Strength of the Dominator (Four Dots) – The Shadow Lord crush the will of their opposition to feed their own strength
Cost – 2 Essence
Dice Pool – Presence + Intimidation + Glory
Action – Instant
Dramatic Failure – The target is bolstered, gaining all their Willpower back
Failure – The Shadow Lord is not as impressive as he thought he was.
Success – With one success, the Shadow Lord drains one point of Willpower from his opponent, adding one to his own. With three or four success, he drains two points. Note: The Shadow Lord may drain as many Willpower points as he’d like, but cannot gain Willpower in excess of his maximum this way.
Exceptional Success – The Shadow Lord drains 3 points of Willpower from his target, and these points may exceed his maximum. These excess point fade away at the end of the scene, however.

Shadow Pack (Five Dots) – With this Gift, the Shadow Lord calls on the only people he can rely on in the world, himself and his own mind.
Cost – 1 Willpower, variable Essence points
Dice Pool – Manipulation + Subterfuge + Cunning
Action – Instant
Dramatic Failure – The Shadow Lord takes a point of bashing damage per Essence spent, and cannot use this power again for 24 hours.
Failure – The Shadow Lord cannot maintain focus to make this power work.
Success – The Shadow Lord makes shadowy copies of himself, one for each Essence point spent. These copies have the Shadow Lord’s Attributes and Skills, but they may not spend Essence or Willpower, and they do not have the weapons the Shadow Lord may be using. With one success, the copies have one health level. With three successes, the copies have two health levels. These copies act at the Shadow Lord’s initiative and are directed by the mind of the Shadow Lord. These copies fade at the end of the scene.
Exceptional Success – The copies have 3 health levels each, and may copy whatever weapon the Shadow Lord was holding and its abilities (in the case of fetishes). If the Shadow Lord was holding a gun, the copies each have one shot and cannot reload.

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shadow lords

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