In and among the creatures of the night stir the greatest of them all, the Vampire. Kindred in Chicago mostly belong to the Camarilla, but there are outsiders and their supporters.

Clans in Chicago

Clan Brujah
Clan Gangrel
Clan Malkavian
Clan Nosferatu
Clan Toreador
Clan Tremere
Clan Ventrue

The Prince and his Organization

Prince Alexander Dahlmer III has ruled Chicago for the last 50 years. His rule is uncontested, a kindness attributed to the similar longevity of his Primogens who were long time allies and friends of his throughout his unlife.

Sherrif – Morris Creed, a relatively young Gangrel who is generally liked among even the seedier of Kindred
Harpies – Siria, Coria, and Daedalus, all Ghouls to Alexander. The fact that Ghouls serve in this “sacred” position is one of great debate in and among Elysium gatherings
Seneschal – Simon Agrippa, a Spanish Conquistador who has past his prime. Most call him a relic unsuited for modern unlife. He has been a Seneschal under many Princes, but never actually Prince himself.
Keeper of Elysium – Simon Agrippa also handles this task, as his many years as a Vampire serving under Princes has given him plenty of experience in both his jobs.
Scourge – The fact that Prince Dahlmer employs a scourge is a heated topic. The position has only been filled for a short time, but it has put an air of unease among the city. A mysterious Vampire, known as Eddie Black, stalks the night, obviously willing to kill for his Prince.

Kindred-populated Locations

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