Among the Weaver’s world of Chicago not many dedicated places to the Wyld can be found. The Werewolves of Cook County are spread thin, but there are those who make their presences known.

Black Fury Tribe
Bone Gnawers Tribe
Children of Gaia Tribe
Fianna Tribe
Get of Fenris Tribe
Glass Walkers Tribe
Red Talons Tribe
Shadow Lords Tribe
Silent Striders Tribe
Silver Fang Tribe
Uktena Tribe
Wendigo Tribe

Auspices: Their leaders and new Gifts
Ragabash, the New Moon
Theurge, the Crescent Moon
Philodox, the Half Moon
Galliard, the Gibbous Moon
Ahroun, the Full Moon

Breeds and their new Gifts

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