hands of destruction

Hands of Destruction

This path is highly frowned upon by more “civilized” Tremere, as it is a power that most feel that they should not have ever tapped into in the first place. However, in the younger, more power-hungry sects of Tremere covens, this power can be found among those who fancy themselves leaders.

Decay (One Dot) – This power can only be used on inanimate objects or already dead organic matter, forcing time to toll away quicker than normal.
Cost – 1 Vitae
Dice Pool – Activation + Empathy
Action – Instant, requires a touch
Dramatic Failure – The Vampire suffers a permanent -1 to their Presence rating
Failure – The Kindred suffers the normal results for failure.
Success – If the roll is successful, the object ages 10 years for every minute the Thaumaturgist touches the object. Breaking the contact with the object will require the power to be used again, and Vitae to be expended again.
Exceptional Success – No change in success

Gnarl Wood (Two Dots) – This power will only function on wooden object or the wood in an object (if the object is part wood and part other materials).
Cost – Variable
Dice Pool – Activation + Expression
Action – Instant
Dramatic Failure – The wood turns against the wielder in some fantastical fashion, decided upon by the Storyteller
Failure – The Kindred suffers the normal results for failure.
Success – Each point of Vitae expended allows for up to 50 pounds of wood to be gnarled, swelled, or contracted. The Kindred may expend as many points of Vitae as they wish up to their maximum per turn as determined by their Blood Potency. This power does not require touch, and can be used on multiple targets.
Exceptional Success – No different effects from normal success.

Acidic Touch (Three Dots) – The Thaumaturge is capable of turning their stored Vitae into acid and secreting it out of any part of their body.
Cost – 1 Vitae
Dice Pool – Activation
Action – Instant or Reflexive
Dramatic Failure – The blood turns to acid, but it fails to expel from the Kindred’s body. The wielder takes 1 aggravated health level in damage.
Failure – The Kindred suffers the normal results of failure.
Success – The Tremere turns some of his own blood into acid and is able to expel it from his body. If grappled, the Tremere can use this as a reflexive action to deal damage to his assailant. The Tremere can also augment a hand attack with this power (this will not stack with powers such as Claws of the Predator). Regardless of how the acid is used it will deal one health level of aggravated damage to a target. One point of blood spent will burn through a quarter inch steel plate or three inches of wood. This power will continue to activate every turn as long as a Kindred spends points of Vitae to fuel it.
Exceptional Success – The acid is capable of being launched to a target within 15 ft. if the Kindred desires. This requires a successful Dexterity + Firearms roll with a +3 die bonus. If this roll misses, the area next to the target is hit.

Atrophy (Four Dots) – This power is the nearly perfected form of this kind of blood magic, having the most disgusting and terrible effects in Thaumaturgy, save maybe for the higher ranks of the Path of Blood.
Cost – 1 Vitae
Dice Pool – Activation + Medicine
Action – Instant (requires a touch)
Dramatic Failure – The Kindred’s own limb used to touch the target suffers the effects of this power.
Failure – The Kindred suffers the normal results for failure.
Success – The Kindred must touch a limb (meaning arm or leg) of the target he intends to us Atrophy on (this roll is not at any penalty for a called shot). If the roll to hit succeeds, the power takes effect. If it does not, this power will stay until the Kindred either uses it or wills it away, or until sunrise. The limb is rendered useless. A victim may attempt to resist this effect by rolling Stamina + Athletics. If one success is scored, the character may use that limb with a -2 die penalty to all actions with that limb. If two successes are scored, the penalty is reduced to -1 die. A vampire may spend 5 Vitae points to regenerate the limb and use it without penalty; mortals, however, are permanently crippled (unless some other sort of power may be used to fix them). Other supernatural creatures may have ways to regenerate limbs, and they may also spend at least x3 the amount of whatever power they normally use to heal health boxes to heal these limbs. This power does not target the head or torso of a person.
Exceptional Success – The successes needed to resist the effect increases by two, so the target needs 5 successes to resist the effect all together, 4 to receive the -1 penalty, and 3 to receive the -2 penalty.

Turn to Dust (Five Dots) – This power is the ultimate in training in the Hands of Destruction path, allowing the wielder to literally age his victim beyond death and to purification.
Cost – 2 Vitae, 2 Willpower
Dice Pool – Activation + Medicine
Action – Instant (requires a touch)
Dramatic Failure – The Kindred receives a -2 die penalty to all Presence rolls as his skin wrinkles and ages. His Health is also reduced by 2 until he sleeps, and he cannot attempt this power again for a week.
Failure – The Kindred suffers the normal results for failure.
Success – Every success on the activation roll ages the target 10 years. The potential target may resist but only by accumulating more successes on a Stamina + Survival roll. If the target does not garner more successes the power works as normal. If they do, the power fails, but the target does take bashing damage equal to the successes rolled on the activation chart as their body is stressed by the interaction. It is important to note that on creatures that are without age (vampires, promethean, et cetera) this power does very little, perhaps a -1 to all Presence rolls for 24 hours as their skin ages a bit, but then regenerates after a time.
Exceptional Success – The target cannot resist the effects at all.

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hands of destruction

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