lure of flames

The Lure of Flames

This path is dedicated to the control of one of the things that Vampires most hate – Fire. It is able to conjure and control an unearthly fire (although it still glows red normally). This fire does not cause a frenzy-like effect in the wielder. A player allocates dots to this Path, and each dot produces more fire.

If the wielder of the flames wishes to throw the fire, he must succeed in a Dexterity + Thaumaturgy (Lure of Flames) to hit, throwing the fire from his hands. Once conjured the flames stay until extinguished by outside means (water, smothering). The flames created with this path will deal aggravated damage to everything that is not at least a little resistant to fire (such as a fire Elemental Changeling or a Sin-Eater with the Pyre Flame Caul activated). Such creatures can apply their armor to this attack and treat these flames as normal fire.

Dots Amount of Fire Effect
One Dot Candle, lighter, palm of hand, 1/2 a hex 1 aggravated health level
Two Dots Both hands, or a whole arm, 1 hex 1 aggravated health level, Special
Three Dots A campfire, or fireplace, 2 hexes 2 aggravated health levels
Four Dots a large bonfire, 3 hexes 2 aggravated health levels, Special
Five Dots A raging inferno, 4 or more hexes 3 aggravated health levels

Cost – 1 Vitae up to two dots, 2 Vitae up to four dots, and 2 Vitae and 1 Willpower for 5 dots
Dice Pool – Activation + Survival
Action – Instant
Dramatic Failure – The Kindred burst into flames that quickly subside and takes 2 unavoidable health levels of aggravated damage
Failure – The Kindred suffers the normal results of failure, and takes one lethal health level of damage as flames lick off their hands.
Success – One success allows for the summoning of the fire, which stays until extinguished by normal means or if the wielder wills them away. When “Special” is written in the chart, it means that with a successful use of this power the Thaumaturge can extinguish flames of the same size that he did not create (normally, the Thaumaturge’s control is only over his own fire). Also, at each level where “Special” is listed, the Tremere has the option to wrap the flames around himself, adding his Lure of Flames rating to his Armor against other sources of fire. Also, with three or more successes, the wielder receives a +1 bonus die to their to hit roll with the flames.
Exceptional Success – The bonus extends to +2 on the to hit roll.

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lure of flames

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