The Malkavians all hold up in a large estate house to the west of the city owned by their Primogen Dev-Null, but managed by various Malkavian ghouls. Dev-Null moved from New York to start a new life and new sanctuary for the various Malkavians in Chicago. The style of this compound and way of unlife for the Malkavians is copied from the San Fransisco principality’s Malkavian Primogen Sir Dave.

Clan Disciplines (updated)

- Dementation, Auspex, Obfuscate

Clan Attributes

Presence or Wits

Clan Weakness

Every Malkavian walking the earth today is connected to the insanity of Malkav’s blood. When the player creates a Malkavian character, they must pick one derangement for that character at the time of the Embrace; this derangement can be temporarily fought with Willpower, but can never be completely overcome.

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Chicago by Night EvilSkeletonDude