movement of the mind

Movement of the Mind

Some Tremere discovered the ability to use their blood magic like telekinesis, moving objects with their mind and force of will. This path is a more recent discovery in comparison to the other, more ancient lines of Thuamaturgy.

Each dot increases the strength of the telekinesis that the Tremere can summon up. The successes indicate the duration of the effect; however, to continue the effect, the Tremere need not spend additional Vitae. Only when the Tremere releases control of the object must he reestablish the connection through expenditure of Vitae. If this power is used to manipulate people (only possible at the third level) each character must make opposed Willpower checks each turn. If the victim wins, he breaks control and the Tremere must pay the blood points again to make contact again.

At three dots, the Tremere may lift themselves and “fly” at their movement speed, regardless of what they weigh. At any level, if the Thaumaturge wishes to use their telekinesis for an attack, their Movement of the Mind rating is used for their strength (for using weapons, for example). Also, at any level, the Thaumaturge may cut their lifting power in half to affect two separate targets in the same turn. Also, if any Strength-based maneuvers are attempted using Movement of the Mind, the player should still use their Movement of the Mind rating in place of the Strength rating for any die pools. Also, in these instances, the character must have Movement of the Mind activated, then roll separate pools for these maneuvers.

Dots Pounds you can lift
One Dot One pound
Two Dots 20 pounds
Three Dots 200 pounds
Four Dots 500 pounds
Five Dots 1000 pounds

Cost – 1 Vitae up to two dots, 2 Vitae up to four dots, and 1 Vitae and 1 Willpower for 5 dots
Dice Pool – Activation + Science
Action – Instant
Dramatic Failure – The vampire suffers three levels of bashing damage and is knocked to the ground
Failure – The Kindred suffers the normal results for failure.
Success – Each success allows one turn of activation, allowing any maneuvers to be performed during the duration of the power.
Exceptional Success – Each success allows for ten minutes of control with the mind.

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movement of the mind

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