path of blood

The Path of Blood

This is usually the primary path taught to regular Kindred among well-established covens. It is said that it was the first Path taught by Tremere to his first Kindred many centuries ago.

A Taste for Blood (One Dot) – This power allows the Kindred to access the first steps of the power of the blood.
Cost – None
Dice Pool – Activation roll only (failure does not cost a Willpower point)
Action – Instant (the Kindred must taste the blood of the subject)
Effect – The number of successes on the activation roll determines the amount and accuracy of the information given. One success will reveal the amount of blood in the target, and, if the subject is Kindred, how recently he has fed. Two will give his exact Blood Potency, three will determine the disciplines the character has (but not the exact dots). Four or more will determine if the character has committed diablorie within the last 24 hours.

Blood Rage (Two Dots) – This power only functions against other Kindred. This power allows a Tremere to force a vampire to spend their blood as they see fit.
Cost – 1 Vitae
Dice Pool – Activation roll + Occult
Action – Instant (the Thaumaturge must touch his target)
Dramatic Failure – The Tremere spends his own blood in the way he wishes to have his target spend his, and is dealt a bashing health level of damage for each blood point spend this way.
Failure – The Kindred suffers the normal results for failure.
Success – The number of successes is the number of blood points the Tremere can force another vampire to use. These must be spent either to heal, add to physical attributes, or to mimic the blush of life. The target is allowed to spend more blood than may be physically possible according to his Blood Potency, also may be more than the target currently has, suffering all the negative effects therein.
Exceptional Success – Half the Vitae drained is delivered to the Thaumaturge attempting this power.

Increased Potency (Three Dots) – This power allows a Tremere to temporarily increase their Blood Potency, allowing for increased Attribute allowance and blood expenditure and maximum.
Cost – 1 Willpower, 1 Vitae
Dice Pool – Activation + Subtefuge
Action – Instant
Dramatic Failure – The character cannot expend Vitae for the remainder of the scene
Failure – The Kindred suffers the normal results for failure.
Success – Each success either increases the Blood Potency of the Kindred by one dot or extends the duration (the base is one hour, each increase is another hour). This increase in Potency affects all aspect of the Kindred except for the Predator’s Taint; the animal nature of the Beast knows that the Tremere is attempting subterfuge.
Exceptional Success – The effects extend to the Predator’s Taint as well.

Theft of Vitae (Four Dots) – This power allows for a Tremere to drain the blood from a victim without feeding or even making physical contact.
Cost – 2 Willpower
Dice Pool – Activation
Action – Instant
Dramatic Failure – The Kindred instead gives three points of Vitae to his target instead. In the case of a non-Kindred, this has no discernible effect.
Failure – The Kindred suffers the normal results of failure.
Success – The Kindred rolls Wits + Occult. Each success drains one point of Vitae from the target and gives it to the Kindred using this power. The subject must be within line of sight and within 50 ft of the wielder. At least one Vitae is drained even if no successes are rolled on the Wits + Occult roll. This exsaguination is visible; the blood leaves the victim violently and flies towards the wielder of this power.
Exceptional Success – This power also deals lethal damage equal to the number of Vitae points drained from the target.

Cauldron of Blood (Five Dots) – This power boils the blood within a victim, slaying any but the most powerful of creatures. This power is very dangerous, but extremely worth it.
Cost – 2 Vitae, 1 Willpower
Dice Pool – Activation + Occult
Action – Instant (the wielder must touch the target)
Dramatic Failure – The Thaumaturge suffers 5 levels of aggravated damage without a chance to reduce the damage. If he is killed in this manner, he violently explodes in a fantastic display of blood and gore.
Failure – The character suffers the normal results of failure, and is drained of 5 Vitae points
Success – The number of successes rolled determines how many blood points are boiled away from the target. Each success drains a point of Vitae, and deals an aggravated health level of damage to the target. Mortals (i.e. those without a supernatural template) are killed instantly. Any supernatural creature without blood is immune to this power. Supernatural creatures with blood in their systems may reduce the number of health levels taken by rolling their supernatural power rating (Primal Urge, Gnosis, et cetera). Each success reduces the damage, point for point.
Exceptional Success – The creature cannot use their templates to counter the damage.

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path of blood

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