thaumaturgy discipline

Thaumaturgy is the collected knowledge of the paths of blood magic over centuries of existence. When a Tremere picks their prime path of Blood Magic, they are attuned to that path. While they may study other paths they must keep their primary path at least two dots higher than their secondary path. Example: A Tremere has the primary Path of Blood, and wishes to learn the Movement of the Mind path. She must have her Path of Blood at 3 dots before she can learn one dot of Movement of the Mind, and must raise her Path of Blood to four dots before she can learn the second dot of Movement of the Mind. Only upon reaching the fifth dot in their Primary path may a Tremere raise their secondary path (or paths)to four dots, but may never raise their secondary path(s) to five dots. Note that any path learned after their primary is considered a secondary path.

Each path is recorded separately on the character sheet. You can mark it as “Thaumaturgy – Path of Blood” and record the dots for the Path of Blood Discipline. If you gain another path, you should record it separately (example: “Thaumaturgy – Path of Blood” and “Thaumaturgy – Movement of the Mind”)

Each power requires an activation roll before the power can be conjured. This roll is in addition to any roll required to hit or affect a target. The roll is Willpower (total Willpower, not current) + the dots in the Thaumaturgy path the character is attempting to activate. Failure means the power does not activate, and no blood is expended but a Willpower point is drained away as the character must maintain their calm or else the magic will explode out of them (consequences for not having the Willpower point to spend in case of failure are up to the Storyteller). Success means the magic awakens inside of a vampire, and the power may be used. Exceptional Success means different things, and the Storyteller is free to roleplay that however he sees fit. If it is ever possible to achieve Dramatic Failure, the Storyteller will roleplay that appropriately, but the Kindred is liable to terrible pain and suffering (however, the Kindred will be able to know that their magic is unstable and refuse to use the power once they are told that they are reduced to a chance die)

Paths of Thaumaturgical Power

The Path of Blood
The Lure of Flames
Movement of the Mind
Hands of Destruction

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thaumaturgy discipline

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