The Toreador of Chicago are led by Kyesia Marie Bonpierre, a whimsy and whimsical Kindred who barely keeps her clan together due to loose laws or structures but is quick to aid her people.

Clan Disciplines (updated)

- Chimerstry, Auspex, Celerity

Clan Attributes

Dexterity or Wits

Clan Weakness

All Toreador who hear, see, or smell something truly beautiful – a person, a painting, or even a particularly beautiful sunrise – he must make a Willpower roll (their total Willpower, not current, and they may spend a Willpower point to gain the +3 to the roll) or become entranced in the situation. The Toreador will stand in rapt fascination of the scene or until the beautiful thing withdraws. Enraptured Toreador will not defend themselves if attacked, though being wounded allows them to make another Willpower roll to break the effect.

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