True Faith

True Faith, in a nutshell

System: Cost is triple the normal Merit point cost (one dot for three Merit dots at character creation, new dot x6 for future dots). Each dot affords a different amount of both protection and abilities. This Merit is only available at character creation.

Refer to page 272 in V:tM main book for more info.

First, each dot of True Faith (no matter how many dots, or how strong the faith) is added to any pool used to resist supernatural mind powers. All power sources may be resisted this way.

Second, a person with True Faith, even one dot of it, will appear with a silver halo (for less than three dots) or a gold halo (for four or five dots) in their aura if their faith is good, or twisted horns that grow larger with the amount of faith the person has, igniting in eerie purple and black flames with more than four dots, if they are wicked.

One Dot – Allows for a character to brandish their faith, repelling spirits, daemons and vampires. With a successful Resolve + True Faith roll (opposed by the target’s Resistance (for daemons and spirits) or Blood Potency rating (for vampires), the affected entity must remain 25 ft away from the wielder, and may not look in their general direction. Wielding an object of your faith adds +1 die to the pool

Two Dots – A character may opt to spend a Willpower point to ignore the effects of a mind-altering supernatural power instead of attempting to resist it. They also may make passive perception rolls to notice the presence of a daemon or daemonically possessed person or object. This feeling is not “There’s a daemon!” but rather a subtle sense of evil. A “passive perception” is a perception check at -2 dice.

Three Dots – At three dots, the power increases, allowing the character to passively detect any sort of supernatural entity, all the way from Changelings to Mages. They may also focus on this power, making a full-powered Perception check to notice supernatural things in the area. This sort of focus requires a full turn.

Four Dots – The character’s True Faith rating is added to any and all pools to resist any supernatural power, not just mind effects. In addition, when the character uses the one dot power to wield their faith, they may repel ANY entity with a supernatural connection, even Mages. Also, if they roll five or more successes on their Resolve + True Faith roll, they deal lethal damage equal to half the successes rolled (round up).

Five Dots – The person’s faith is so strong that the holy (or unholy) will not allow the person to transform or be turned into a monster. Vampires cannot drink the last drop of blood, True Fay cannot take the person through the Hedge, and Geists cannot reclaim their souls before passing through to Empyrean or Hell. Werewovles may not buy this Merit at this level, as they are born, not created.

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True Faith

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