The Fianna tribe have access to the Knowledge Gift line in the Werewolf: the Forsaken book, as well as the new Gift presented here.

Fianna get one dot in the Honor Renown at character creation.

New Gift: Fianna tribal Gift. Stag, or one of his ancient Celtic emissaries, teaches these Gifts.

Faerie Fire (One Dot) – The Fianna can summon a small bobbing sphere of light through this Gift. The sphere illuminates only a three foot area and can be commanded to move along with the Garou or 2 hexes on its own.
Cost – None (Optionally 1 Essence)
Dice Pool – Wits + Occult + Honor
Action – Instant
Effect – The light lasts for one turn per success. If the player wishes, she may spend a point of Essence to have it last a whole scene.

Glib Tongue (Two Dots) – A Fianna using this Gift will be able to talk his way through anything without saying much at all.
Cost – 1 Essence
Dice Pool – Wits + Expression + Cunning
Action – Instant
Dramatic Failure – The listener is insulted by the Fianna’s words and reacts accordingly.
Failure – The listener did not understand the Fianna’s gibberish
Success – The Fianna mutters a spattering of gibberish, nothing more than mere sounds, but the person whole-heartedly agrees with whatever the Fianna was saying either before or after. This is as if the Fianna “just said the right thing” to make whatever they wanted to happen come to fruition. Its not going to make a millionare sign over his life savings, but it will get a small group into a club or make someone believe they didn’t just see something minor happen, like a group passing a security checkpoint.
Exceptional Success – The Fianna is able to tell the Storyteller exactly what he intends his target to hear.

Howl of the Banshee (Three Dots) – The ancient stories about the Banshees of Ireland are true, and the Fianna are able to mimic this Howl through Luna’s blessings.
Cost – 1 Essence
Dice Pool – Charisma + Intimidation + Glory
Action – Instant
Dramatic Failure – The Fianna is filled with the fear of the Banshee instead of projecting it, and cannot take any actions for the remainder of the scene.
Failure – The Fianna’s howl is not quite the Banshee’s, and does not work.
Success – The Fianna howls and all who hear (allies included) must roll Willpower. Every success beyond the first add to the number of successes enemies need in order to resist the effect (allies need only roll one success OR spend a point of Willpower to resist the effect). Any who fail must run in terror away from the Fianna for one turn per success rolled.
Exceptional Success – Allies are immune to the effect.

Wisdom of the Ancient Ways (Four Dots) – The Fianna are connected to their past, probably more than any Garou. They are able to call on this connection from time to time.
Cost – None
Dice Pool – Presence + Empathy + Wisdom
Action – Extended
Dramatic Failure – Successes garnered are lost and the Garou must start over.
Failure – The Garou fails to garner a success this turn.
Success – The Fianna garners one success towards her goal per success rolled. The Fianna requires 15 successes in order to achieve connection with their ancestors. The information garnered depends on the connection the Fian has with his past and with his family (Storytellers discretion)
Exceptional Success – The number of successes rolled counts as doubled, and if an Exceptional Success was rolled in the course of garnering successes the spirits are much more likely to give helpful information.

Gift of the Spriggan (Five Dots) – The ultimate connection with the Fay that the Fianna have called allies, Gift of the Spriggan draws on a great amount of spiritual power to do miraculous things with the Fianna.
Cost – 2 Essence
Dice Pool – Stamina + Primal Urge + Purity
Action – Instant
Dramatic Failure – The Fianna suffers three levels of bashing damage and is stunned for one round.
Failure – The Fianna is shunned by the Fay. He may not attempt this power again until 25 hours have passed.
Success – The Fianna is able to change her size by up to three times larger or smaller. The effect hour lasts one hour per success or until the Garou cancels the effect. If the Garou grows larger, they gain three dice in any Strength based rolls per 100% increase in size, along with health benefits for being a larger Size category. If she decreases her size, her Defense increases by two for every 100% decrease in size. The Fianna does require an hour of sleep or rest and a hearty meal after this effect wears off or is cancelled for any reason.
Exceptional Success – The Fianna is not fatigued and does not need to sleep after the effect wears off.

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