red talons

The Red Talons have their spirituality in the forefront of their minds, and as such have access to the Death gift line in the Werewolf: the Forsaken book, as well as the new Gift presented here.

Red Talons gain one dot in the Purity renown at character creation

New Gift: Red Talons Gift. A Griffin spirit, a very rare and elusive mythical beast, teaches this Gift

Wolf at the Door (One Dot) – This Gift allows a Red Talon to strike the fear and respect of the forest into any Human. The Garou must make eye contact with the intended target, but can be in any form when doing so (although, using this Gift in Crinos form may not only be difficult to perform but may also be superfluous)
Cost – 1 Essence
Dice Pool – Presence + Primal Urge vs. Target’s Resolve + Supernatural Advantage
Action – Instant
Dramatic Failure – The Red Talon must flee from the intended target, and cannot look upon the intended target for one hour.
Failure – The Red Talon fails to inspire supernatural fear, but may still make the target afraid by mundane means.
Success – The Red Talon inspires great fear of the great, wide forests. For one day per success the target cannot leave their home unless they make a Willpower roll, stricken with fear of the outside world. If they do manage to leave their homes, they cannot go near anything resembling a forest without spending a Willpower point upon entering; also, they are at a -1 die penalty on all Social rolls, visibly shaking while outside their home.
Exceptional Success – As success, but the target cannot go near forests at all, no matter how much Willpower they would want to spend.

Beastmind (Two Dots) – The Red Talon gives the “gift” of animal mentality and mental faculties of beasts. Some Red Talons claim this is to allow their foes to understand what it is to be a beast, but it has other benefits as well.
Cost – 1 Essence
Dice Pool – Manipulation + Empathy + Purity vs. target’s Resolve + Supernatural Advantage
Action – Instant
Dramatic Failure – The Red Talon loses all the actions he could take until the start of his next turn, as her mind fails to be able to make even the smallest of thoughts happen.
Failure – The gift does not function.
Success – The Red Talon removes the higher thoughts of the target. For one turn per success, the target listens to only their base instincts, which include fight-or-flight or feeding (other instincts at GM’s option.
Exceptional Success – As success, but the target is limited to fight-or-flight.

Elemental Flavor (Three Dots) – This Gift allows the Red Talon to connect to the natural elements (air, fire, earth, water) within modern items and reawaken that spirit, allowing it to break the earthly bonds forcing it into it’s current forms or otherwise manipulating it according to the Red Talon’s request.
Cost – 2 Essence
Dice Pool – Wits + Expression + Purity
Action – Instant
Dramatic Failure – The spirit is offended, and either attempts to harm the Red Talon or hardens as to become harder to break in a mundane manner. This Gift may never be attempted on this particular object ever again.
Failure – The spirit refuses to answer the Red Talon’s call
Success – The spirit answers the call of the Red Talon. The object can be requested to perform a simple task, such as a flame snuffing itself out, rock turning to mud, or water receeding. The exact effect is up to the Storyteller.
Exceptional Success – As success, but the player should have more sway over exactly what the object should do.

Gorge (Four Dots) – Wolves eat as much as they can when they have it, unaware of when their next meal will be.
Effect – Upon learning this Gift, the player must choose one of the following: Essence, Willpower, or Health. The character is capable of storing three more points of whatever they chose above their maximum. These extra points must be regained as normal, and do not add to rolls involving these Traits.

Gaia’s Vengence (Five Dots) – The connection between Gaia and the Red Talons is well-known, and this gift shows that connection
Cost – 2 Essence, 1 Willpower
Dice Pool – Presence + Primal Urge – strength of the local Gauntlet
Action – Extended (full round action)
Dramatic Failure – The Garou may not attempt to use this or any other Gift for a full 24 hours
Failure – The Garou cannot use any Gift from this gift line for 6 hours, and the power does not work.
Success – The Garou calls upon the might of nature itself. Trees bend to fight, rocks roll and tumble, even water attempts to grab those who dare tread in it during the use of this gift. The exact effect is up to the Storyteller, and is limited to the natural surroundings in which the Garou is currently located.
Exceptional Success – As success, but with greater leniency for the surroundings.

red talons

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